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Highwolds Yorkshire

The High Wolds Heritage Group was formed in August 2007. 

The ‘High Wolds’ is a distinctive area of the Yorkshire Wolds where there are deep valleys carved between the high rolling hills.

The Location of the High Wolds area

The Relative Locations of the Villages in the Group

               The location of the High Wolds area                 The relative locations of the villages in the group

High Wolds Yorkshire

NEWS: Do you have a photo of the Wesleyan chapel at Thixendale before it fell into disrepair?

Do you know anyone who would like to record their memories of living in the Wolds?

If you can help, please contact us via the e-mail 

The HWHG is now a member of the British Association of Local History - BALH


You can see Forthcoming Events of the HWHG

on the  Reports and Events page

Do you have any photos of the villages that are not in the gallery pages?

If so, please contact us via the link.

Alternatively, e-mail us a scanned copy with a brief description of location and date.

The aims of the group are to promote, develop and encourage a greater understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the cultural and environmental history of the local area. To fulfil these aims, the group:

1. Brings together people interested in local history, supporting them in sharing knowledge and ideas;

2. Encourages research and the collection and recording of information about the area;

3. Disseminates information about the area via events, publications, web sites and other formats;

4. Co-operates with other societies, voluntary and statutory authorities operating in the furtherance of the aims, and exchanges information and advice with them;

5. Encourages a sense of community ownership of, and responsibility for, the area’s social and environmental history;

6. Contributes to the local community by assisting in the development of local educational facilities, both for the local community and for visitors.

To support these aims, the group was awarded a Heritage Lottery grant in 2008.
Activities have included a 3-week exhibition, talks, visits, recording oral history, research and publications.  Further details can be found on the News and Events page.

We hope you enjoy looking through the village pages and their galleries of photographs.  The galleries will be updated as more become available. 

If you have any information about any of the photographs, please contact us.

You may also find the website below of interest:

www.pocklingtonhistory.com    - This site has lots of other useful links for history and heritage



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